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John M. Hunter is the author of “Critical Intent”, His latest book, “Life Space”, was published in 2018, and delves into the deeper meaning and value of practicing “Life Space”, of which “Critical Intent”, is a critical component of practicing Life Space.

He is interested in sharing his experiences and deep insight into life itself by reaching out to anyone who would be interested in crossing his path to gain beauty, value, and good in their life.

For more information or inquiries, please contact…

9 thoughts on “Appointment Contact

  1. Hi John! I really admire your beliefs and outlooks in life as I understand,Life space is broad. It gives us new meaning to life, realizes all that you have and appreciate everything that surrounds you, it expands your experience without noticing it.

    Not all people in this world realizes nor think about Life Space because when they’re comfortable on what they have they’ll never think about on what awaits them more when they expands their morale and beliefs in life. As for me Life Spaces gives you more meaning in life broadens your experience to be a better and influential individual to the people that surrounds you.

    I hope that you continue inspiring more people like me and I wish to talk with you and share every experience that I had to inspire me more and to learn everything about life space. Thank you and have a blessed day John!


  2. Thanks, Jimboy for your insightful comment. I’m glad that you connected with the concept of life space.
    Please feel free to communicate further


  3. It’s pleasure, John! , I wish to talk with you over the phone or any means of communication that we can have, So we can share our insights and expands our Lifespace. I’m so happy for you!


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