About John M. Hunter

John grew up in Toronto in a comfortable, well off family. Upon dropping out of his second year of university, his life took a turn for the unexpected. He struggled with financial hardships, addictions, and found it difficult to find meaning and purpose in his life. Now married with three children, he found stability, hope, and protection in his Buddhist practice, gradually gaining control over his addictions. John’s quest for meaning and purpose began to take shape after writing his first book, Critical Intent. His most recent book, Life Space, offers a practical way in which we can expand our life space and reap life’s benefits.

Curriculum Vitae

Authored Life Space
Authored Critical Intent
Taught English in Mexico City, and at the same time used Bull’s-eye vision to have one-on-one sessions with individuals to help them see and understand themselves better.
Worked as a personal bodyguard in Hong Kong, where I used Bull’s-eye vision
Created and developed a perceptual technique called Bull’s-eye vision
Worked for Bell Canada for ten years
Massage Therapist
Former owner of Gatsby Limousine in Toronto
Family opened the first Shiatsu Massage clinic in Toronto
Licenced Hypnotherapist in Ontario
Graduated from University of Toronto with a BA
Graduated from Lakefield College School

Let’s build Meaning together.

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