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What is “Life Space”?

Life Space is an awareness of the dynamic existence of life, that envelops our life, moment to moment. The degree to which our life interplay with this dynamic existence of life is a measure of the size and expansion of our life space. In other words, when we are so tuned and connected to the expanse of life itself in all its existence at the moment, then our consciousness transcends our lesser self and lives in the light of a higher self. This is naturally tuned to the dynamic existence of life and therefore our life space too is expansive.

Why Life Space is Important for Our Life?

Our life has the capacity and means to expand beyond our present default position. As such, living in an expanded life space naturally generates a condition(s) that we would come to know and experience and realize the beauty, joy, and harmony that such a life space entails.

The concrete necessity of living day to day in whatever environment we happen to be in requires (on our part) time, effort, and work – whatever it may be, to sustain and provide for ourselves: family, food, shelter, and the basic needs of living day to day. Attempting and seeking to create meaning and value in our life will naturally at the same time expand and strengthen our life space. As such, acquiring the basic provisions for living will become easier and more joyful in its acquisition.

As well, beyond the basic provisions for living, we can at the same time begin to experience purpose and meaning in our life so that we come to realize a greater and expanded self that before was unknown to us. To a large extent, the potential that exists in our life is untapped – thus buried and available to our acquisition. Such uncovering of our potential, opens up our life space, and consequently opens up our life to new possibilities and experiences, offering positively not only to our own life, but to others close to us and beyond.

John M. Hunter’s Life Space expands upon his first book, Critical Intent. Interestingly, Life Space is very much aligned with Dr. Paul Wong’s ideas in Meaning Therapy.

Let’s build Meaning together.

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